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Day 4 - Iguacu, Brazil to Buenos Aires, Argentina

sunny 32 °C

We spent the morning strolling into town and then sitting by the pool.

Our airport pick-up arrived at 13:30 and took us across the border to Argentina. Luckily the queues were quite short and even though Rob had lost his entry paperwork we got through.

The flight to Buenos Aires was very bumpy to start with and the 'Fasten Seat belts' sign stayed on for the first 40 minutes.

As we came in to land we had incredible views of the city - miles and miles of apartment blocks as far as you could see.
(Apparently it covers 80 square miles and in 2016, the estimated population was 2,891,000.)

The trip from the airport took us past several parks with people running and cycling. Some of the roads are up to 16 lanes wide split into 6 sections!
Many of the smaller roads are one way and have a cycle track enforced by bollards.

We ventured out in the evening to find an ATM and get some water - both the cash point and the supermarket refused our cards. Feeling slightly worried about surviving for 2 days without any money and feeling very thirsty we decided to look for another ATM - thank goodness for Citibank, we managed to withdraw some cash.

We opted for pizza for dinner (it's still 29 degrees, so neither of us have much of an appetite). Rob was pleased to see they sold stout - unfortunately he didn't realise it came in litre bottles and was rather sozzled by the end of the meal!

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Day 3 - Day trip to Iguazu National Park, Argentina

sunny 31 °C

Brazilian summer time finished last night, so we are now GMT -3, the same as Argentina.

About 80% of the falls are on the Argentine side, so today we did a day trip to the other side.

We stopped at the Three Borders monument on the way - this is where the Iguazu river meets the Parana river and you can see Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.


Our guide Veronica, took us to see the Devil's Throat first (this is the biggest waterfall in the park at 90m) - the 'Ecological Jungle Train' takes you a couple of kilometers through the jungle to the bridge that crosses the water and takes you to the top of the falls. There was quite a queue for the train and a friend had already tipped us off that you could walk alongside the tracks so we agreed to meet the rest of the group at the station later.

Once we moved away from the station the track was quite peaceful and you could hear animals and insects chirruping. We found several large black and yellow butterflies having a drink and a very large ant (about an inch long). I tried to take a photo next to Rob's foot but it kept running towards him so he had to jump out the way!


From the bridge we spotted a few very large catfish (about 2.5 feet long) and an alligator. The Devil's Throat was amazing - the power of the water kicks up a lot of spray, you get soaked, but it's so hot you also dry quickly.


I caught the train back with the rest of the group and Rob walked back (it's about a 20 min walk). From the station we went on the Upper trail walk. The views of the waterfalls are amazing.

After a quick lunch stop, we walked to the lower trail and down to the jetty for a boat trip into the falls. You get a large waterproof bag to keep all your things dry. If you sit by the side of the boat, be warned the waves come over the side! We went into the falls 3 times, it's great fun and definitely a highlight of the trip.


After a soggy climb back up the 160 steps we walked back to the tour bus and started making our way back to Brazil.

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Day 2 - Sao Paulo to Foz do Iguacu and Iguacu National Park

GMT -2

sunny 31 °C

We landed in Sao Paulo just after 7am local time (GMT-2) and then transferred to the domestic airport for the 1hr40 flight to Iguacu.

The flight path takes you over the top of the falls and luckily today it was clear enough to get a good view.

The National Park is a couple of minutes drive from the airport, so we went straight there. The park is a semi-deciduous forest and is home to some endangered species such as pumas and jaguars. We saw numerous quatis, a long-snouted creature similar to a raccoon and lots of vultures hovering over the falls hunting for food.

There are 275 waterfalls over 2700m - in places the roar of the water is quite loud! The walkway goes right out over the water, the mist and spray soon soaks you, but as it's 30 degrees it's quite pleasant.

We spent the rest of the day napping in our room or by the pool or wandering around the local area. The combination of tiredness and heat means we're struggling to stay awake.


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Day 1 - Heathrow to Sao Paulo, Brazil

sunny 11 °C

And we are off, we get picked up for our journey down to Heathrow where we have a 11h 25m flight to look forward to.
The M4 was very busy but the check in and passport control were easy giving us time for sandwiches and a salad.
We flew with LATAM airlines on a big plane (seats 3-4-3) which was reasonably full.


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Our route

We're off to South America next year to see the Iguassu Falls, Penguins and Machu Picchu.....just 207 days to go.

17-Feb-2017 Heathrow to Sao Paulo, Brazil
18-Feb-2017 Sao Paulo to Iguassu Falls, Brazil
20-Feb-2017 Iguazu to Buenos Aires, Argentina
22 Feb 2017 Board Norwegian Sun
24 Feb 2017 Montevideo, Uruguay
26 Feb 2017 Puerto Madryn, Argentina
28 Feb 2017 Port Stanley, Falkland Islands
2 Mar 2017 Ushuaia, Argentina
3 Mar 2017 Punta Arenas, Chile
6 Mar 2017 Puerto Chacabuco, Chile
7 Mar 2017 Puerto Montt, Chile
9 Mar 2017 Valparaiso, Chile (Leave Norwegian Sun) to Santiago, Chile
11-Mar-2017 Santiago to Lima to Cuzco, Peru
14-Mar-2017 Cuzco to Lima to Madrid
15-Mar-2017 Madrid to Heathrow

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